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At we take grading seriously. Over-grading is a problem that can be avoided when standards are spelled out by the seller, allowing customers to decide if they agree with the grading standards. Here we describe our grading practices with examples from our stock.


"VF" Very Fine
Very Fine
will have
four good margins,
a light to medium
cancel and all
perfs intact.


"FVF" Fine/Very Fine
Fine-Very Fine
will have three to four
good margins, but well
off-center on one or two sides,
a light to medium
cancel and possibly
one to two shorter perfs.


"F" Fine
Fine will have one to two
margins close to touching the
perforations. The cancel and
perforations will have considerable
influence on the price.


"F/Avg." Fine-Average
Fine-Average will have one to two
margins with perforations inside
the border. The cancel and
perforations will have considerable
influence on the price.

While we are trying to include photos with as many items as possible, many will not be pictured. Here we will send the best stamp available in stock, your satisfaction guaranteed.

On a number of items, mainly below the $30-$50 range, the photo will be an example of the issue, centering and cancel. We may have 2 or more examples in that price and condition range. In that case, all stamps sent will be as nice, if not better, than the one pictured. In all cases you have seven days after receipt to return the stamp if not satisfied.

We send FVF never hinged, or better for all U.S. stamps from 1935 to date.

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All stamps are guaranteed to be sound unless otherwise described. We price stamps with faults at 10 to 25 percent of catalog, depending the fault's severity. We describe all known faults.

A note on centering
In addition to the grading examples above, please note that normal centering of the classics varies by issue. Many stamps in the 19th century were printed with little margin between them for cutting or perforating.
Several issues are notorious for poor centering, expecially during the Civil War period(1861-7). The Jamestown issue, many Washington- Franklin Coils, and perforation 10 stamps from the 1920s are among the 20th century stamps which fall in this group. The Kansas-Nebraska overprints are also hard to find with great centering. * P.O. Box 1327 * Vista * CA * 92085
* 760 724-1153 *